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Incepted 15 years ago in this domain, we are leading manufacturer and supplier of Woven Bags in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. We manufacture the best quality paper bags that are significance added in our business. Our unremitting oblige to continue and exceed quality has made us a well-known brand in the paper bag manufacturing sector. Our manufacturing unit is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat - an industrial suburb of Ahmedabad - has in-house manufacturing facilities. The unit is technologically advanced and maintains the highest quality control at all processing stages. Our enthusiasm deceit in manufacturing an assortment of paper bags, gift bags, laminated bags and decorative bags that finds application across sectors. These offered bags are usually used as carriers or for packaging, by our admired clients for array of goods such as apparel, footwear, jewellery, watches, cosmetics, furnishing, beverage, confectionery, etc. We modify our products for clients as per their necessities. The customization options comprise choice of paper, shapes, finishes, handles, etc.

Reason for the choosing the Woven Polypropylene for Packaging

  • Non-Hazardous
  • The color of the bags is non-staining
  • These bags are 100% reusable and strong
  • Very easy to clean and anti bacterial
  • Light in weight with lowest density
  • Breathable or water proof with a coated film
  • Easy to manufacture, assembly and cost-effective material
  • Outstanding resistance to stress and high resistant to cracking
  • High operational temperatures with a melting point of 167°C
  • Resistant to most alkalis and acid, organic solvents, degreasing agents

Why Choose KS Plastic?

We have effectively emerged as a leading brand name in the field of manufacturing, supplying and exporting of product like PP woven fabric, woven sacks and PP woven bags. Some of the factors that differentiate us from our compatriots include:

  • Widespread understanding in the associated industry area
  • Huge experience in the field of PP woven bags/sacks and polymer based products
  • Proficiency in manufacturing bags in diverse color and size
  • Superior manufacturing services that permit us to accomplish quality production
  • Commitment to rendering flawless services
  • Strong marketing network all over World

Woven Bag India

Woven bags are manufactured from the fabric which is weaved with a method by many threads or tapes woven in two different directions by warp and weft process to give the fabric strength. Further doing the same process over and over again can make one large piece of cloth which is then used to manufacture the bags in numerous of different styles and shapes. In the plastic woven industry, with a plastic film is drawn into filaments, woven into fabric/sheet/cloth. It can be into tarpaulin, woven bags, container bags, tons of bags, geotextile fabric, color of the cloth and so on.

PP Woven Bag Manufacturer

We are even manufacturing the PP Woven bags which are known as Polypropylene that is one kind of thermoplastic resin material that is being created by the polymerization of propylene. This Woven polypropylene is a polypropylene strips / threads that have been woven in two directions that is warp and weft process to manufacture a light with strong heavy duty material. Build with circular woven polypropylene fabric, one side sewn as the bottom; leave the other side open, the simplest woven polypropylene bags is done. PP Woven fabric is presented in coated and un-laminated form. These fabrics are used in diverse industrial segments like Bag manufacture, Fertilizers, Cement, Polymers, Chemicals, Textiles, Machinery and Food grain packing.

Properties of Woven Bags

  • Offered bags are reusable
  • It does not degrade when it is wet
  • It is naturally resistant to tearing
  • Printing in the bags can be done both side and single side
  • It’s breathable even in air dried conditions
  • It has better burst strength than plastic bags
  • Can be laminated as the vapor and moisture barrier
  • Partially transparent for outstanding presentation
  • Bags can be side gusseted to accommodate bulky items easily

Our supply/export of woven bag india reaches to:

  • PP Woven Bag
  • PP Woven Sack
  • HDPE Woven Bag
  • HDPE Woven Sack
  • LDPE Plastic Bag
  • LLDPE Bag
  • Box Liner Bag
  • LDPE Film Roll
  • Printed Paper Bag
  • FIBC Bag
  • Jumbo Bags
  • HDPE Tarpaulin
  • Kraft Paper Bag
  • BOPP Bag
  • LDPE Stretch Film
  • HDPE Woven Fabric
  • HDPE Drum

Application where the manufactured PP Woven Bags are used

Tourism and Transport
Tourism and Transport

It is widely used for temporary tents, sunshades and various other traveling bags can be made with the help of the offered PP Woven fabrics. Even these plastic woven fabrics can also be utilized as fences and screens during construction.

Food Packaging
Food Packaging

These offered bags are increasingly utilized to pack the food items. Our main bags which include for food packaging Common foods which include rice, flour, maize and so on.

Geotechnical Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering

Widely used in the construction of irrigation works, roads, railways, ports, mine, buildings and many more. Moreover having the unique functions of the filtering, draining, isolation and anti-seepage, PP woven fabrics are one of the most popular geosynthetics.

All-Purpose Bags
All-Purpose Bags

All-purpose bags, some standard sizes and thickness of pp woven packs we keep in stock are for generally useful utilizing. Plain single shading, straightforward or with shading strip yet with no printing, it's ready to fit most uses of agricultural and industrial packaging demands. There are standard bundles for pretty much every industry or item, some with standard holding limit, some with standard measurements.

Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits and Vegetables

Our manufactured PP Woven bags for fruits and vegetables are almost used by everyone, whether workers, farmers, buyers of fruits and vegetables or cargo agents etc. These can find the plastic woven bags which are widely used in shopping fruits and vegetables and other grocery bags, logistics bags in stores, warehouses and houses, nearly everywhere.

Sugar & Salt
Sugar & Salt

We are even engaged in manufacturing and supplying the special Sugar woven bags which are widely used to serve some special purpose products. Further the offered products are UV resistant woven bags having UV protection and anti-aging function, allowing them a longer lifespan in the sunlight. PP woven tubes with the UV protection can be used for earth bag buildings.

Sand Bags
Sand Bags

Woven polypropylene sand bag has been designed for decades and often applied as a more cost-effective alternative to traditional jute material. Sand bags are now applied in flood controlling, building material earth bags, traffic controlling etc., but when it was firstly been designed, it was for flooding defense and military applications only.

Construction Waste Bags
Construction Waste Bags

This PP woven bag can be not only used as construction garbage bags, but also used for waste and residues from individuals, properties, construction and other activities. Construction waste bags are generally made from dark green or black colors of pp woven fabric. Waste sacks offer a solution to deal with any waste collection requests such as garden wastes, garbage from construction sites, glasses, paper, plastics, and so on.

Agricultural Product Packaging
Agricultural Product Packaging

Our offered Woven bags are widely used for agricultural product packaging. These bags widely used for storing and transporting the products to different industries. These products include aquatic products, feeds, fruits, vegetables, and so on. Moreover these offered PP woven bags worn in the agricultural industry naturally include nourish, chemical, fertilizer, vegetable and fruit mesh PP Woven bags.

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